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Through an in-depth look at seven different countries, the Solar Expedition documentary series tells the fascinating story of the global energy transition.

About the series

By visiting countries such as Brazil, the United States, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, China, Japan and Australia, the production seeks to understand how each nation works tirelessly to transform its energy scenario.


Abandoning obsolete fossil and polluting sources in favor of clean and renewable alternatives.

The Solar Expedition team recorded each step of this inspiring journey, witnessing up close the impact of climate change that has intensified on our planet. Furthermore, the series highlights the urgency of preserving and restoring our ecosystems, seeking solutions to maintain life in all its forms.

At the epicenter of this narrative, the fundamental role of clean energy in transforming consumption and establishing a Carbon Neutral Society is evident. While several countries are currently facing energy shortages and climate insecurity with increasing concern, the collective awakening to new opportunities, such as solar and wind energy, appears as a great choice.

By visiting innovative projects, interacting with renowned experts and capturing the message of the scientific community, the Solar Expedition reveals the unquestionable urgency of accelerating the transition of our energy matrix.


On this journey, inspiring stories of individuals and initiatives that make a difference in the production of clean energy are told in each country visited.

Solar Expedition is an invitation to explore the possibilities and challenges that permeate the search for a sustainable future. It is clear that changing perspectives regarding energy consumption is a path of no return, essential to reversing the current climate instability that threatens the foundations of our existence.

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